Books for learning

Quick tips to help your child’s reading

  • Focus on the basics (simple words, knowing letter sounds)
  • Read short stories to your child and point out unfamiliar words or words you are learning as you go
  • Explain how books work (how to hold them, what a sentence is, where to find the name of the author,what a blurb is, etc)
  • Focus on recognising common words
  • Teach kids to “stop” when they reach a full stop / period.
  • Encourage the child to read selected words, sentences or paragraphs from books that you read to them
  • Listen to “talking” books in the car – it helps develop an appreciation of reading and an understanding of language
  • Read nursery rhymes
  • Find fun stories and read, read and read!

Enjoy exploring the topics and book reviews!

Useful books & articles to help your child read