The Mr Badger Books: lovely novels for young readers



We were so pleased to discover the Mr Badger novels!

The series by Leigh Hobbs is a lovely set of books for young readers. These books feature cute illustrations, and gentle, but quirky storylines.

My Badger is the hotel manager, at the very, very grand Boubles (pronounced boublay) Grand Hotel.

So far there are four books in the series, being:

Mr Badger and the Big Surprise

This book is about a hugely fancy birthday party held at the hotel for the owners’ arrogant granddaughter.

Mr Badger and the Missing Ape

It seem odd, but… there happens to be an enormous ape on display in the hotel and he is missing! Mr Badger has to try to solve the mystery of his whereabouts.

Mr Badger and the Difficult Duchess

The Boubles Grand Hotel hosts many famous and royal visitors. One day a rather difficult and unusual duchess turns up and starts making some odd demands.

Mr Badger and the Magic Mirror

Mr Badger discovers a magic mirror in the hotel and is able to enter a magical world.

What  we like about Mr Badger

  • He always has beautiful manners.
  • He is a great problem solver and very practical.
  • He is very calm in a crisis.
  • He is a loving husband and father.
  • He is very loyal.
  • He is a good friend.
  • He has strong values. I call this integrity and a great example to young readers. His values include manners, loyalty, honesty and respect.


Why the novels suit young readers

The novels are relatively short with fairly simple language. This enables young readers to enjoy a sense of achievement that they may be able to read a lot of the book independently. They would suit children from six years and up.

We are hoping Leigh Hobbs will write and illustrate more Mr Badger novels soon.




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