More dog stories to read and enjoy

I took my daughter to the library the other day. Being crazy at the moment about dogs,the books she picked out are outlined here. In the process, she has discovered two more great dog series.

Survivors “Storm of Dogs” by Erin Hunter

The blurb on the back was rather dramatic, saying: “The battle has begun and no dog will escape its fury”.  

Hmm…what is that supposed to mean?

I wasn’t really sure what a storm of dogs might look like. However, my daughter tells me that the story is about a group of wild dogs, and that one of the dogs is called Storm.The dogs form a pack to survive.

Storm of Dogs is part of  a fantasy series called the Survivors which have consistently received great reviews. She found it really enjoyable and is keen to read more of the series.

Recommended for 10 years and up.

“Rascal: Swept Beneath the Waves” by Chris Cooper

This book is part of a series, about the adventure of a dog called Rascal. They are written from the point of view of the dog. The stories are great for kids to understand what an animal might be thinking. I am not sure what sort of dog Rascal is. He is described as a black and white dog. Rascal has been separated from his owner Joel, who he loves dearly. This story is about Rascal’s attempts to find his way back to his family. Lots of nice concepts here: loyalty, perseverence and friendship to name a few. Accompanied by cute illustrations.

I would recommend for an approximate age of 7 to 11 years.

Soldier Dog by Sam Angus

Set during World War 1, Soldier Dog is about Stanley, a young teenager, who lies about his age and enlists in the army so he can fight in France. His aim is to find his older brother who is already in the English army.

Stanley is also escaping from conflict back home with his father in England.

He has always had a love for dogs. Once in France he has to care for an army dog.  A book to help children learn more about war time, its affect on animals and our responsibilities towards them.

Recommended for 10 years and up.

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